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A Scoop of Memories

A Scoop of Memories
Welcome to Grand Ole Creamery, where every scoop of ice cream comes with a side of nostalgia. Our story begins in 1984 when the sweetness of homemade ice cream first graced the corner of 750 Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota. That's right, we've been dishing out delight for 40 years.

It all started with our grandparents, pioneers in the world of flavorful creations. They set the foundation, creating a space where the community gathered for more than just a meal. Fast forward to today, and the legacy lives on under the capable hands of Alexis Garry Huffman, the third-generation torchbearer and Chase's father.

Now, you might be wondering, what's the secret behind our enduring appeal? It's simple – we're not just a restaurant; we're a living, breathing part of the community. Our Facebook page buzzes with updates, and our Instagram is a feast for the eyes with captivating visuals that capture the heart of Grand Ole Creamery.

Our ambiance is as rich as our ice cream flavors. We've noticed a sweet tradition in town – when folks tie the knot, they swing by for a scoop of our ice cream. It's become a local wedding custom, and we're here for it! We're all about celebrating love and life's sweetest moments.

Speaking of celebrations, we're cooking up something special for our online community. We're creating a gallery page where you, our amazing customers, can share pictures of your wedding days alongside that iconic scoop of ice cream. Let's turn our digital space into a scrapbook of joy, love, and of course, delicious memories.

At Grand Ole Creamery, we're not just serving ice cream; we're crafting experiences. Join us on this journey of flavors and fun that started four decades ago, and let's continue making memories – one scoop at a time. Cheers to good times and great eats!